Campfire Ghost Stories Volume 2 | A.S. Mott

Campfire Ghost Stories Volume 2 | A.S. Mott

Who doesn't love the simple, scary pleasure of reading ghost stories from a book around a campfire? Volume 2 of Campfire Ghost Stories by A.S. Mott should be the next addition to your backpack - it's filled with spooky stories guaranteed to make everyone's hair stand on end! 

These spine-chilling tales of the paranormal are designed to be read aloud to entertain your next fireside gathering:

- An eccentric man tries in vain to prove to his friends and family that a monster lives under his bed.

- Three teenage sisters get more than they bargained for when they go out and play an old childhood game in the woods by their cabin.

- During a summer job, a college student learns a lot about his co-worker's family, only to find out that they're far stranger than he could ever have imagined.

- Cursed for a prank she did not commit, a beautiful young woman learns never to say "I love you."